Franchise FAQs

Why should I choose a Bubble Bus franchise?

The Bubble Bus is a first-of-its kind mobile opportunity providing a “visual” bubble extravaganza for events, which produces thousands of bubbles per minute, using either our daylight or Tekno Bubbles™, our patented glowing blacklight bubbles. This is a franchise that appeals to every age and demographic.

Who will be my Business to Business (B2B) customers?

Any business that wants to bring visual attention to their grand opening, or special sale. City festivals, parades, and charity events are several other examples of businesses who can contract for your service.

Who will be my Business to Customer (B2C)?

Anyone looking to celebrate a special personal event such as birthdays, weddings, high school dances and pep rallies, as well as opportunities with church picnics and festivals. The possibilities are endless!

What are you looking for in a potential franchise partner?

We are looking for financially qualified candidates who are fun and full of life.

What does it cost to purchase a Bubble Bus Franchise?

The details of our investment are completely outlined in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The investment range is $101,000 to $119,000 and includes the franchise fee, fully equipped built-out truck, initial inventory, marketing launch fund and some operating capital.

What do I get for my franchise fees?

You will get the rights to use our Tekno Bubbles™, our patented glowing blacklight bubbles and our other specially formulated liquid for bubbles, fully equipped truck, comprehensive training and ongoing marketing and operational support.

Do you assist with financing?

Third party financing is available for financially qualified candidates.

What kind of support can I expect if I purchase a Bubble Bus Franchise?

We will deliver to you a completely equipped and built-out Bubble Bus that is ready for your first event. Our support team, in our St. Louis Headquarters, will provide three days of comprehensive training which will include marketing, operations, safety, and event administration training. Your instruction will be thorough and will provide you with all of the training needed to become a successful franchise owner.

How long will it take for a Bubble Bus franchise to be successful?

Results will vary for each franchisee depending in large part on the amount of time and effort devoted to start-up marketing and frequency of impromptu promotional events to get attention … seeing is definitely believing!

How long will it be before I am up and operating?

After successfully completing your training, you will begin your marketing programs immediately upon the return to your territory. You should have your first event within 60 to 90 days.

How do I generate leads for my business?

In the beginning, much of your effort will be focused on promotional events and activities that build Bubble Bus awareness in your community. (Think parades and charity events!) When people see the Bubble Bus and the sea of bubbles it creates, they definitely want more. The flyers and other information you will leave at every event will help to generate additional leads and opportunities. Additionally, attending business networking events and using direct mail will help to provide you with interest and inquiries about your services.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in knowing more about the Bubble Bus Franchise opportunity, complete the Request for Information form and we will contact you immediately.


The Bubble Bus is the world’s most sure-fire way of spreading joy and bubbles to people of all ages.

The first and only mobile business of its kind, the Bubble Bus and its interactive bubble-making magic can appear anywhere you want to attract or entertain a crowd.

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"...In the last two years [the Bubble Bus Team] has provided glow body paint which we highly recommend. The carnival mixer would be nothing without Tekno Bubbles!"
- Visitation Academy

"Our experience was great from start to finish. We will definitely book with them again and have shared our experiences with other Chick-fil-A locations in our market and nationwide."
- Chick-fil-A Sunset Plaza

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